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Full duplex Intercom System (Window intercom) 1DC2203, 1DC2303 with HDD recording

Full duplex Counter Intercom Systems 1DC2203, 1DC2303  with high quality gooseneck microphone and loudspeaker is used wherever physical barriers for communication need to be passed. It fulfils the widest variety of applications – where is required communication to be recorded for the purpose of complaining, legal formalities etc.

Applications and Advantages:
  • For Police purposes, Municipal Police, Judicial Executors
  • Communication between acoustically separated spaces by glass or wall bariers (bus & railway station terminals, ticket counters  etc.) where recording is required
  • Passport control &  Embassies 


  • Speaking and listening in both directions (duplex mode)
  • Excellent speech intelligibility, even under the most difficult acoustic conditions
  • High output volume (5 W)
  • Microphone and Loudspeaker can be easily bonded to a flat surface
  • Wall mounting box for surface mounting possible
  • Suitable for any size of communication hatch
  • Separate volume control for each side of the counter (for outdoor area internal adjustment by installation)
  • Possibility to listen to the customer zone although when the desktop microphone is switched off
  • Two operating modes for speaking to outdoor are:
    - latch operation ("hands-free")
    - momentary operation


  • Record up to 64 audio channels simultaneously on one PC.
  • Automatic voice activated, hardware port control or continuous recording modes.
  • Channel date-time scheduling.
  • Advanced audio compression with selectable codec to reduce file size.
  • Supported file formats include wav, mp3 and gsm with many other codecs.
  • Find and play recordings ordered by date and channel or from other computers on the local area network.
  • Mirror recordings to backup drive(s).
  • Automatic upload of recordings to FTP server for web or internet access.
  • Automatically send recordings to an email address in the background.
  • RemoteMonitor to listen to remote recording live over a network or internet with TCP/IP streaming.
  • VRS RemoteControl can start and stop recording from other workstations on the network.


Both parts of the Counter Intercom System 1DC2203  (Desktop terminal & Loudspeaker) are in in massive steel case, shock proof, crash-proof system against rough handling.

Also available in effective plastic case:

  • 1DC2303 - plastic case dark grey



Set includes:
  1. Desktop communication terminal 1CT2203 (metal case) or 1DC2303 (plastic case) with gooseneck microphone (can be delivered in two different lengths)
  2. Microphone for the outside area (customer / visitor zone) in special aluminium case with standard 2 m cable length (or length cable on request)
  3. Loudspeaker 1CS1203 (metal case), 1CS1303 (plastic case)
  4. AC adapter 230V/50Hz
  5. PC with HDD recording + hardware according to requirements
  6. Recording SW for Windows PCs.

Counter Intercom Systems 1DC2203, 1DC2303 have been made by elatec s.r.o. (including development, manufacturing)

User manual 1DC1303 - pdf

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