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Air Traffic Control ATC & Radio Channel Analyzer

Air Traffic Control ATC & Radio Channel Analyzer

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Air Traffic Control & Radio Channel Test System (ATC)


GFPE 2020

gfpe_2020_data sheet - pdf


Radio channel testing and maintaining:

• Analog, E1 and VoIP

• Analog/digital display

• SW/FW update via USB

• TFT user interface


The communication between the air-traffic controller in the control tower and the pilot on board of his aircraft is operated by voice radio. This voice communication mainly transmits information on flight situation, position of the aircraft, altitude, air speed, or such like.

The most important monitoring unit besides the radar is the aircraft radio. Therefore the idea of safety is a cornerstone for the whole air-traffic control system with highest requirements regarding reliability and availability.

The Air Traffic Control (ATC) & Radio Channel Analyzer GFPE 2020 has been designed and developed to test and maintain existing and new communication networks for air traffic con-trol. FO, radio-relay analog and digital (E1, VoIP) voice com-munication channels.

The GFPE 2020 has been designed following international standards for high reliability according VDE, CCIR, DIN, CE, ETSI and EUROCAE.

Air Traffic Control & Radio Channel Test System (ATC) features:
-19", 4 U case, also for portable use
- integrated control unit
- Mode of measurement selection: Analog, E1, VoIP, frequency generators
- display of analog and digital measurement results
- fitting of filters
- Display of the radio reception criteria (2040 Hz)
- Tone code display
- Monitoring loudspeaker
- Fixed sinus generator 800Hz, 1000Hz, 2040Hz as test tone with adjustable level
- Adjustable test tone generator 300Hz-3400Hz with adjustable level
- measuring of signal to noice ratio relative to 1000 Hz oder 800 Hz
- looping between in- and output for filtering of the 2040 Hz tone codes
- sonic logging of analog and digital signals
- Power supply 10 VAC to 260 VAC
- Weight: 9.2 kg

Maintenance, Debugging
• Analog level measurement
  Simultaneous measurements of inband levels
• Simultaneous display of voice and inband levels
• Looping of analog signals
• Filtering of the specified frequencies of the voice band.
• Display of mixed signals
• Inband signal level display with frequency indication

Monitoring, Testing
• Test and parameterisation of Multiplexer
• Test of all connections from the 2 Mbit MUX over various line paths
• Connecting and patching up to the user terminal
• Testing of the signal lines from receiver up to the specific TS of the 2 Mbit access point.
• Testing of all analog in- and outputs of the MUX
• Examination of signal levels

Transit time measurement
• Measuring of signal propagation delays in analog and digital networks
• Automatic reading and recording of signal propagation time over MUX connected in series.
• Automatic reading and recording of signal propagation time over various transmitter and receivers with different signal processing time.


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